Best Brunches In Dubai Available On Entertainer & Zomato Gold

People at a brunch in Dubai

Have you got Zomato Gold or Entertainer? Of course you do, if you’re truly a Dubai kid you probably have BOTH, or know someone who has both.


Brunching in Dubai is one of the most popular things because:

  • Its indoors – helps you avoid from melting outdoors
  • You can invite anyone – there’s no limit as to how many people you take along!
  • YOU CAN DRINK DURING THE DAY – honestly, this is the only reason that matters.


Let’s be honest though, going for a Brunch in Dubai is a great idea but the first thing we would have consider is the $$$. Even if the price is okay, finding a Brunch in Dubai with the right balance of great food, drinks & vibe can be a little tricky.


Luckily for you, below is a list of some of the Best Brunches In Dubai that are available on either Zomato Gold or Entertainer!


1. Lucky Voice

At brunches you get served by the glass. But Lucky Voice serves by the bottle! Aside from the great music playing throughout the brunch, good selection of food for both vegetarians & non-vegetarians. The best part is that once the brunch is done, you can book yourself a good ol’ karoke session!


2. Pizza Express Live

The buffet has a variety of choices for the non-vegetarians and not so much for the vegetarians other than a few really good spreads & finger food. After the buffet you can order yourself a pizza or a pasta!


3. Lock Stock Barrel

With a wide range of choices in food and drinks, the LSB brunch is great for big or small groups. What’s more is that once the brunch gets over, they’ve got happy hours going on!


4. The Daily Rove Trade Centre

With a decent buffet menu and drinks, this is one of the most affordable brunches in Dubai. This brunch has a family types vibe and has no loud music playing which lets hold a conversation with someone!